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We are co-organizing the 5th Perinatal Imaging, Placental and Preterm Image analysis workshop (PIPPI 2020) held again in conjunction with MICCAI 2020, October 2020.

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Congratulations Johannes Hofmanninger and Matthias Perkonigg et al. for being accepted at MICCAI 2020 with their work on "Dynamic Memory to Alleviate Catastrophic Forgetting in Continuous Learning Settings", October 2020. Link


Check out our posters #1662 and #1863 at OHBM2020, presented by Athena Taymourtash and Ernst Schwartz, June 2020.


Georg Langs gives a talk at the workshop on Medical Computer Vision (MCV) held virtually in conjunct with CVPR 2020, "Using Machine Learning for Discovery in Medical Imaging: Expanding our Marker Vocabulary", June 2020. Link to Video


We are organizing the high-light programme "AI" at the joint Austrian and German Radiology Congress running spring to autumn 2020.


Check out the talk by Georg Langs at IPAM Workshop on Deep Learning in Medical Applications, "Deep learning for anomaly detection: expanding our marker vocabulary", January 2020. Link to Video.




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