Sebastian Roehrich


SebastianSebastian Röhrich
Tel: +43 1 40400 73724

Computational Imaging Research Lab
Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy
Medical University of Vienna
Lazarettgasse 14, Room 25.07.027
1090 Vienna

Research Interests

I study deep learning applications in chest CT scans. I am particularly interested in understanding how different acquisition and reconstruction techniques influence radiomic features of diffuse interstitial lung disease.
Among other topics, I also study how content based image retrieval (CBIR) can help to increase the diagnostic performance of radiologists in clinical routine.


Before becoming a medical doctor I worked as a paramedic at the Austrian Red Cross. After finishing my medical decree at the Medical University of Vienna (MUV) I did an internship in general surgery and internal medicine at the University Hospital Krems.
Now I am in my 2nd year of residency in radiology at the MUV where I am also doing a PhD in medical imaging.


In Fall 2018, I am teaching "Ultrasound Anatomy" (771.004) and "The human body - image diagnostics and radiation protection" (801.004) for medical students.

In fall 2017, I am participating as one of the teachers for the required undergraduate course "Diagnostic Rounds" (653.590).

Since my third year in medicine I teach anatomy for medical students during dissection courses.

Additionally, I taught courses about preclinical traumatology and medication for paramedics at the Austrian Red Cross, and a surgical course for nurses.