Georg Langs


Georg Langs

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Georg Langs
georg.langs @
Tel: +43 1 40400 73725
Computational Imaging Research Lab
Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy
Medical University of Vienna
Waehringer Guertel 18-20
A-1090 Vienna / Austria 

Anna Spiegel Center of Translational Research
(building 25, floor 7, room 28)

I am also member of the Medical Vision Group at CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I work with Polina Golland link.

Upcoming and running:

Open PhD positions: Machine learning in imaging: linking imaging and epigenomics in breast cancer, and surveillance for future pandemic detection and management.

Co-Organizing the DFG Nachwuchsakademie Radiology and AI 2022

Co-Chair Digitalization in Oncology May 20th 2022


lncs mcv 2013 cover

Area Chair IEEE CVPR 2021

We have organized the high-light programme "AI" at the joint Austrian and German Radiology Congress in Leipzig 2020

Co-Organizing "AI and Simulation for COVID-19" Workshop Nov 2020: workshop, video 

Talk at CVPR MCV 2020 Jun 15th 2020

IPAM Workshop on Deep Learning in Medical Applications Jan 2020: talk video

BrainHack 2019 Vienna Dec 2019

Symposium on Machine Learning in Medicine & Biology Jun 5th, 2019

Keynote at Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging 2018 in Singapore

Medical Imaging Summer School MISS 2018

ECR 2018 talk: Artificial Intelligence in Research: imaging biomarker for disease phenotyping and prediction

Human Brain Mapping 2017 Course on Pattern Recognition for Neuro Imaging (PR4NI): slides and code

We were hosting BRAINHACK 2016 - Reliability and Reproducibility in Connectomics from Sep 18th to 20th 2016 in ViennaScreen Shot 2018 06 06 at 23.40.58

Workshop on Representation Learning in Artificial and Biological Neural Networks during NIPS 2016 in Barcelona

HBM 2016 Tutorial on Mapping activation patterns across individuals in Geneva

Vienna Data Science MeetUp: Machine Learning - Relationships

HBM 2015 Symposium: Understanding the Emerging Complexity of the Developing Brain

ICT 2015: Showing KHRESMOI results: Radiology Explorer

imageNIPS 2014 Workshop on Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging: beyond the scanner

MICCAI 2014 Workshop bigMCV: Medical Computer Vision - proceedings in LNCS out soon.

MICCAI 2013 Medical Computer Vision Workshop: Large Data in Medical Imaging

ISBI 2012 Tutorial: Machine Learning in Neuroimaging, together with Jonas Richiardi, and Emanuele Olivetti

MICCAI 2012 Medical Computer Vision Workshop

Machine Learning and Inference in Neuroimaging Workshop @ NIPS 2011

MICCAI'10 Workshop: Medical Computer Vision, organized by Bjoern Menze, Georg Langs, Zhuowen Tu and Antonio Criminisi

MICCAI'08 Tutorial: Learning Models of Anatomy and  Function by Georg Langs, Dimitris Samaras, and Tim Cootes during MICCAI'08 in New York.

Research interests

Neuroimaging, machine learning and medical image analysis, in particular:

  • Functional brain imaging, perception and reorganization
  • Autonomous model learning
  • Large scale image search

Short CV

Georg Langs studied Mathematics at Vienna University of Technology, and finished his PhD in Computer Vision at Vienna University of Technology and Graz University of Technology in 2007. He worked as a post-doctoral associate at the Applied Mathematics and Systems Laboratory at Ecole Centrale de Paris, and the GALEN Group at INRIA-Saclay, Ile de France with Nikos Paragios from 2007 to 2008. He was a Research Scientist at Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2009 to 2011, and joined the Faculty of Medical University of Vienna in 2011. He taught Computer Vision and Medical Imaging courses at Ecole Centrale de Paris, and teaches at Vienna University of Technology. He reviews for several Conferences and Journals, among them IEEE Transactions on Pattern Recogniton and Machine Intelligence, and IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. Georg Langs is the Head of the Computational Image Analysis and Radiology Lab (CIR) at the Medical University of Vienna.


Seleted recent publications

- Georg Langs, Bjoern Menze, Danial Lashkari, Polina Golland. Detecting Stable Distributed Patterns of Brain Activations Using Gini Contrast in NeuroImage 56(2), 2011, Pages 497-507.

- Langs, G. and Lashkari, D. and Sweet, A. and Tie, Y. and Rigolo, L. and Golby, A. and Golland, P. Learning an Atlas of a Cognitive Process in Its Functional Geometry. Information Processing in Medical Imaging 2011, pp.135-146

- Georg Langs, Yanmei Tie, Laura Rigolo, Alexandra Golby, Polina Golland. Functional Geometry Alignment and Localization of Brain Areas. in Adv. in Neural Information Processing Systems NIPS 2010.

- Georg Langs, Nikos Paragios, Pascal Desgranges, Alain Rahmouni, Hicham Kobeiter Learning Deformation and Structure Simultaneously: In Situ Endograft Deformation Analysisin Medical Image Analysis 15(1), February 2011, pp. 12-21

- Gregor Kasprian, Georg Langs, Peter C. Brugger, Mario Bittner, Michael Weber, Mavilde Arantes, Daniela Prayer. The Prenatal Origin of Hemispheric Asymmetry: an In Utero Neuroimaging Cereb. Cortex (2011) 21 (5): 1076-1083.

- René Donner, Georg Langs, Branislav Micusik, Horst Bischof. Generalized sparse MRF appearance models. in Image and Vision Computing 28(6), June 2010, pp. 1031-1038

- G. Langs, P. Peloschek, H. Bischof, F. Kainberger.Automatic Quantification of Joint Space Narrowing and Erosions in Rheumatoid Arthritis in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

- Georg Langs, Dimitris Samaras, Nikos Paragios, Jean Honorio, Elly Alia-Klein, Dardo Tomasi, Nora D. Volkow, Rita Goldstein. Task-Specific Functional Brain Geometry from Model Maps in Proc. of MICCAI'08, 2008

- Georg Langs, Nikos Paragios.Modeling the Structure of Multivariate Manifolds: Shape Maps in Proc. of IEEE CVPR'08, 2008