A 3D visualization extension for the numerical software package Matlab, using the visualization capabilities of VTK.



  • fast, hardware accelerated visualization of large datasets 
  • complex scenes build from primitives
  • volume rendering
  • graphics export


Software Installation & Download

matVTK bundle download:  matVTK 1.0

previsous versions: matVTK 1.0 beta3, matVTK 1.0 beta2, matVTK 1.0 beta1

The bundle contains the full source code, binaries for Win 32/64 bit, Linux 32/64 and Mac OS universal binaries (intel 32/64) as well as the Matlab client scripts.

Support, Ideas, Questions

The documentation has not been updated to the current version yet, however it should be correct for most of the available commands. 

For documentation, please use the doxygen help generated from the source files
(download html documentation).

If you have any questions, please send an email to Erich Birngruber.

older Versions

The older version is still available in source. It is linked directly against Matlab and does not make use of a network layer for communication. Graphics rendering in the old version is known to have Problems with Mac OS 10.6 and later.

Use and Reference

Please cite the MICCAI 2009 Workshop paper: "matVTK - 3D Visualization for Matlab" (BibTeX) when using matVTK in your publications. The slides of the workshop presentation are also available for download.