Fetal development

Jakab 2014 image

We are studying fetal brain development with a focus on modelling structural- and functional changes during gestation.

Fetal functional brain netowrks emerge during gestation following a stabled timing. Region-specific increase of functional signal synchrony followed a sequence of occipital (peak: 24.8 GW), temporal (peak: 26 GW), frontal (peak: 26.4 GW), and parietal expansion (peak: 27.5 GW). (Jakab et al. 2014)

Jakab et al 2015The organization of structural connectivity an ts development in the fetal brain is discrupted by disease. Corpus callosum agenesis effects specific changes not only in the inter-hemispheric connections, but also within hemispheres. Each follows a characteristic timing. (Jakab et al. 2015)

 Cortical expansion during fetal development can be modelled by Schwartz et ao 2016comparing cortical surfaces across many individuals and linking their shape to gestaional age. We developed regularlization approaches that facilitate reliable estimates of development models. (Schwartz et al. 2016).


Screen Shot 2017 05 03 at 14.41.33Development of the brain parenchymum proceeds in successive migrational waves of neuronal migration. The resulting laminar intensity profiles observable in both histology and in utero are indicative of developmental processes and important markers for neurodevelopmental diseases. We showed that the time-course of shifting patterns of laminar cortical structure can be modeled from fetal MRI.



Fetal Development Data Release 0.1 available


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