VISCERAL Visual Concept Extraction Challenge in Radiology, funded by the European Union FP7

Team:  Markus Krenn,  Georg Langs, René Donner, Matthias DorferMarkus Holzer

Project partners: Vienna University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Medical University of Vienna, ETH Zürich, University of Heidelberg, Catalan Agency for Health Information

Objectives: VISCERAL will be organising two benchmarks on the processing of large-scale 3D radiology images making use of an innovative cloud-based evaluation approach.

We will define and execute a targeted benchmark framework to speed up progress towards:

  • Automated anatomy identification and pathology identification in 3D (MRI, CT) and 4D (MRI with a time component) radiology images.
  • Similar case retrieval for these images and the reports associated with them.

Benchmark 1: Identification, localization and segmentation. The Benchmark tasks will be organ identification and the segmentation of bones, inner organ and relevant substructures. (Benchmark Dates: August to November 2013)

Benchmark 2: Retrieval. The Benchmark task will be the retrieval of similar cases based on both visual information and radiology reports. (Benchmark Dates: May to August 2014)

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